Consignments / Estate Sales & Appraisals

Consignment Sales

Why consign your firearms with Tornado?

We have the knowledge and expertise to identify and sell your items properly. Our descriptions are fully detailed, honest and accurate. Whilst we specialize in NFA firearms, we have experts available in all firearm types.

We handle every aspect of the sale, including:

  • State and Federal paperwork
  • Proper identification and description of your items
  • Secure storage
  • Professional, high-resolution digital photographs shot in our studio
  • Expert packing and shipping of your items in compliance with Federal law

Firearm Estates

Upon the death of a firearm owner, a trustee or executor can find themselves tasked with the responsibility of distributing or disposing of firearms as per the decedent’s wishes. Due to the complexity of state and federal firearm laws this can often be a difficult task, especially where NFA firearms are concerned.

As a federally licensed firearms dealer with many years of experience dealing with all kinds of firearm estates, Tornado can assist with the following services:

  • Firearms and ammunition identification
  • Assistance with the transfer of firearms to eligible beneficiaries
  • Firearms and ammunition storage & transportation
  • Firearms valuation/appraisal
  • Sale and disposal of firearms and ammunition
  • Firearm and ammunition safety inspections
  • Work with the proper State and Federal authorities to legally demilitarize or dispose of unlawful (contraband) firearms which may have been discovered in an estate

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