Export Services

Export Services

Exporting Arms, Arms related Parts/Accessories and Defense Articles from the United States can be a tricky business. Whether it’s a single firearm or a fleet of tanks and artillery, Tornado Technologies has the necessary licensing, knowledge and experience to assist you, doing so in an expedited manner in compliance with all U.S laws and regulations, and getting it done right the first time.

With some exceptions (including machineguns, sshotguns with barrels less than 18″ and rifles with barrels less than 16″, all of which can only export where the end-user is a foreign government, military or police force), if you can obtain an import permit for your country, and are not an embargoed person or in a sanctioned country, we can usually export it.

Most exports 120″x 80″x 60″ or smaller go out airfreight with the exception of items with a high weight to bulk ratio such as barrel blanks. These and larger shipments generally go out via sea freight in standard ISO/CONEX containers, whilst articles such armored vehicles, tanks etc. go out via Roll-on/roll-off (RORO or ro-ro) vessels. We also offer our customers warehousing services to allow you to accumulate goods to combine them into larger more cost effective shipments.

Due to the unique nature of most arms related exports, combined with their complexity and ever changing government regulations, it’s highly recommended that you contact us for advice prior to making any purchases in order to make your export as painless and trouble free possible.

Please don’t hesitate to call or email us at exports@tornado-technologies.com